Designing innovative ideas that create value, coupled with thoughtful execution, Platinum Group Advisors pursues long-standing relationships grounded in collaboration and a mutual desire to achieve meaningful and enduring change.

We are a boutique consulting firm grounded in hands-on executive and management experience. We have been in the shoes of our clients, and have a deep understanding of the needs to start, manage, or grow businesses. We enjoy building relationships with our clients based on trust, respect and results.

Platinum Group Advisors is committed to supporting its clients in driving change—whether that is a new and untested growth opportunity, building a new organization or team, or transforming a current business model.

Our typical clients include:

– Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms
– Investment Banks
– Consumer & Retail
– Healthcare Organizations
– Healthcare Technology Enablement

Our Team

The Platinum Group Advisors team can do it and we are here for you

Creating long-term relationships with clients where we can co- create fresh ideas and innovative solutions is what drives us. We are so pleased to have this remarkable group of seasoned professionals who have demonstrated their dedication and passion for leading change through decades of experience.

We now bring this hands-on experience through a boutique advisory approach where we can engage with organizations at every stage of their journey whether that is optimization, transformation or growth.

Where Potential and Passion Inspire Bold Solutions