Lessons from our Armed Forces this Veterans’ Day

This Veteran’s Day, Platinum Group Advisors wants to share some of the valuable skills our armed forces gain during their service.

Leadership- Veterans participate in leadership training throughout their service.  They understand rank/organizational structure and respect the organization.

Discipline-During their service, discipline is a huge part of the culture.  This rigor and consistency enable the individual to execute and succeed, even when the external environment continues to change.

Change Management- They are always training for the unknown, creating several options or approaches that must be ready to deploy quickly.  They are not afraid of change, they are prepared for change.

Mission Driven – Individuals who serve in the armed forces are consistently educated on the mission of their work.  They are given a roadmap to make the mission tangible.  Sounds a lot like a strategic plan.

Many private companies invest thousands in leadership programs for their employees that armed forces embed in their culture today.

So, this Veteran’s Day, in addition to sharing our appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication they have made to keep our country safe, Platinum Group Advisors THANKS all veterans for their leadership, discipline and determination to complete their missions.  We all have a lot to learn from you.

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