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“Just because it is hard does not mean we shouldn’t do it.”

Kelly and Therese met back in 2003, and have pursued hard, challenging and exciting endeavors within both public and private companies. Over the years, they became trusted colleagues and friends based on a core mission—they are passionate about purpose-driven work, and find the most rewarding efforts to be those that drive meaningful impact.

Guided by Kelly’s track record for successful strategic and transformative growth, and Therese’s expertise in organizational change and systems thinking, the power of their partnership opened their eyes to the opportunity of helping other companies achieve their next level of success. As people who have firsthand leadership experience dealing with complexity, Kelly and Therese strive to be trusted advisors who know the value of partners who care about their initiatives and goals, and can support those efforts in an authentic, transparent and tangible way.

“It has been my intention to build a distinctive and creative company built on the foundation of trust, partnership and a deep sense of purpose in all that we do.” - Therese Crossett

So, two decades later, Kelly and Therese are excited to share their synergistic approach with clients, and have assembled a team of talented professionals dedicated to bringing results. Transformation is never easy in any industry. Understanding the complexity of an organization’s ecosystem before implementing change is critical to success. Building long lasting relationships based on integrity, respect and communication, Platinum Group Advisors is committed to supporting its clients in driving change—whether that is a new and untested growth opportunity, building a new organization or team, or transforming a current business model.

With a deep sense of curiosity and tenacity, and a grounding in disciplined and thoughtful execution, Kelly and Therese are unwavering in their intention to make an impact. It is supposed to be hard. Otherwise, everyone would do it. Platinum Group Advisors can do it and we are here for you.
Kelly Robison

Kelly Robison

Founder & CEO

Kelly is a results-oriented executive, having served in public and private companies in roles such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Development Officer of a Fortune 5 company, as well positions on internal, industry and volunteer boards. She has over 25 years of executive experience in leadership, strategy and operations of complex healthcare models including value-based care, financial risk, and clinical integration. Between highly ranked Fortune 20 companies, private equity firms and other engagements around the country, Kelly has experience in the full spectrum of corporate transactions from start-up, turnaround, winddown, mergers and acquisitions on the buyer and seller sides, and within both public and private sectors.

Therese Crossett

Therese Crossett


Therese is a change agent who develops learning organizations and empowers others to build teams focused on growth, having served in senior leadership positions on a national level. She has over 25 years of experience in a variety of disciplines focused around strategic, marketing and business development. Area of expertise include healthcare, technology, life sciences, and real estate financial services. Additionally, she is well versed in value-based care, developing and expanding portfolios to support the full spectrum of risk-based arrangements.

Gloria Austin

Gloria Austin

Senior Executive Consultant

Gloria is a well-known and respected expert, advisor and strategist in the field of healthcare. She is a transformative leader who inspires performance and is known as a credible voice in finding strategic solutions, leading turnarounds and driving growth. She has over 40 years of experience including expertise in physician operations, value-based patient care, payer partnerships, human resources, strategic planning, corporate communications and clinical integration. Gloria intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that exist in an organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives material business advantage.

Beth Sween

Executive Consultant

Beth is a strong financial partner focused on collaboration and translating facts and figures into aligned business strategies. She has served in escalating leadership positions over the last 15 years, serving both nationally and regionally, on the provider and payor operations after a 5-year career in public accounting with a Big Four firm. She has over 10 years of executive experience, including as Chief Financial Officer, in strategic financial leadership of complex healthcare models including value-based care, financial risk and long-range planning. Additionally, she has experience in the full spectrum of corporate finance responsibilities from start-up, mergers and acquisitions, non-profit and established Fortune 5 companies.

Maryjean Valigorsky

Maryjean Valigorsky

Executive Consultant

Maryjean is a seasoned executive, having worked in healthcare for greater than 30 years. Starting her career as a Registered Nurse, Maryjean transitioned to working in managed care and has had roles such as Vice President Provider Strategy, Senior Vice President Payer Contracting, and Regional Vice President, Star Performance and Risk Adjustment throughout the East Coast and nationally.

David Koury

David Koury

Executive Consultant

David is an executive with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. Previously serving in executive roles throughout the western region such as Chief Operating Officer, he has expertise in contract negotiations, comprehensive knowledge of provider reimbursement models, health plan operations and information technology. He is recognized for driving and achieving results via strong cross-functional partnerships. David has established collaborative work environments, by fostering open dialogue with emphasis on the contribution and accountability of each team member.

Tina Gray Fonseca

Tina Gray-Fonseca

Consulting Manager

Tina has over 20 years of complex analytic and network development experience. She has experience in public and private healthcare companies. She has led strategic planning, implementation and integration of technology and workflows to support clean data, culminating in data repositories capturing physician demographic data and contracting for over 5,000 providers and 7,500 contracts across 8 markets nationally. Additionally, she has comprehensive experience in physician and provider reimbursement and value-based incentive models, ranging from Fee for Service to Specialty Contact Capitation within multiple networks.


Following The Platinum Rule, we enable our clients to achieve their own definition of transformation. Designing innovative ideas that create value, coupled with thoughtful execution, Platinum Group Advisors pursues long-standing relationships grounded in collaboration and a mutual desire to achieve meaningful and enduring change.


We honor and respect the needs of our clients. We treat people the way they want to be treated. We listen, learn, and collaborate. We strongly believe in doing the right thing, and are committed to delivering our best each and every time.

We begin with integrity. We have a strong ethical core in everything we do. We are transparent in our work and communicate truthfully and directly.

We adopt radical curiosity. We remain open to possibilities of new perspectives. We seek answers not by what has been done, rather we create innovative solutions to long standing challenges.

We promote cultures that put people at the center. We believe in a human centered approach to work and relationships. It is the people that make the difference. Great people make great teams and build great companies.

We celebrate diversity. We encourage varied perspectives and talents. It is this openness that leads to innovation. We value the uniqueness of each individual and the ideas, talents, and experiences that are brought to the table.

We embrace tenacity. We will take on the challenge. There is always a solution. We will get you there.