Providing Advisory, Executive & Management Consulting Services Focused on Transformation & Growth

We are a boutique consulting firm grounded in hands-on executive and management experience. We have been in the shoes of our clients, and have a deep understanding of the needs to start, manage, or grow businesses. We enjoy building relationships with our clients based on trust, respect and results.


Types of Engagement

Platinum Group Advisors provides a wide array of engagements, all of which help our clients achieve their business objectives. Our focus is to help our clients clearly understand their opportunities or challenges of the business, and identify the best solution, unique to each situation. Each organization is a unique and complex entity. Needs vary, requiring flexibility in how Platinum Group Advisors works with our clients. There is no one size fits all, and we partner with clients to shape the engagement to best meet those needs. From short term assessments or projects through full outsourcing, we customize in the following areas:

Needs Assessments and Projects

A diagnostic approach to assessing particular opportunities or challenges, needs assessments help clients analyze their business capabilities, gaps or enhancement needs to develop clear recommended actions to attain their goals.

Consulting / Advisory Services

Engagements at varying lengths for advisory support or consulting in key strategic, functional, project or transaction related activities.

Interim Management Solutions

Finding the right executive talent is getting tougher for organizations in this fast paced and evolving environment. Engaging experienced talent in interim leadership and management positions allows companies to take the time to find the right fit while minimizing disruptions.

Outsourcing Solutions

Whether short term or long term, Platinum Group Advisors is a resource for clients to outsource functions during start-up, turnaround, or transformational times to help bridge the organization’s strategies and results.