Platinum Group Advisors

Platinum Group Advisors Announces its Expansion

Platinum Group Advisors, LLC announces its expansion! Joining Founder and CEO Kelly Robison as a partner is Therese Crossett, who will serve as President. The following exceptionally talented leaders have also joined our team:

Gloria Austin
Maryjean Valigorsky
David Koury
Beth Sween
Tina Gray-Fonseca

As a boutique firm serving private companies, private equity firms, and public organizations. Platinum Group Advisors focuses on transformation and growth. We offer advisory, consulting, assessments, short-term and long-term outsourcing, and interim management depending on client needs. Areas of expertise include Business Transformation, Leadership & Organizational Culture Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Growth & Marketing, Healthcare, and Financial Optimization.

Grounded in hands-on executive and management experience, this passionate and engaged group of professionals have been in the shoes of our clients, and have a deep understanding of the needs to start, manage, or grow businesses. We enjoy building relationships with our clients based on trust, respect and results. Platinum Group Advisors is Where Potential and Passion Inspire Bold Solutions.

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