Last Minute Tips to Maximize Open Enrollment Activities

Whether it is Medicare’s Annual Election Period (October 15 to December 7) or an employer’s open enrollment, the most successful campaigns usually involve a multi-pronged approach.  We are often asked for advice on rounding out this important annual initiative. So, while your marketing and sales plans have been underway for months, there is still time to add some last-minute strategies to complement your efforts:  


Last Minute Tips:  

Include a variety of communication channels.  People retain information differently, so diversifying your approach may be the link to capturing people’s attention. For example, in your email campaigns, consider including a clip, or creating a link to a specific space on your website that includes all crucial enrollment information, including deadlines and a contact for more information.  

Engage in social media. Reach a broader audience through social media platforms.  Establish profiles on popular platforms and actively engage with industry peers or potential members in the service area.  Include informative content and respond to posts and inquiries to advance the conversation.   

Collaborate with local businesses.  Network within your communities to build partnerships with community centers, coffee shops, real estate agencies, etc.  

Highlight customer testimonials. Obtain testimonials from happy members and share through your various communication channels.  

Assign a designated point of contact. Whether assigning an employer’s human resources contact to talk with employees, or star customer services representatives to speak with seniors, having dedicated and knowledgeable points of contact who excel in engaging with people will create a positive experience that may be critical in that potential member’s decision making. 


There is no single approach that will serve as a silver bullet.  The more comprehensive the strategy, the more your message and differentiation can resonate. What other last-minute tips can you share with the community?


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